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Splendorman Loves Spots by Digimitsu Splendorman Loves Spots by Digimitsu

A random doodle of Splendorman.

I need to stop doing things like these. I always feel like I need to do something greater and better and not something so pointless like this. But I guess it's better that I actually draw SOMETHING rather than waste the day doing nothing.

Also I don't understand why people usually do the "YOU CALL THIS A DOODLE?!" to me.

Dictionary tells me that doodling is to draw aimlessly/thoughtlessly which is exactly what I'm doing right here. I have no aim and the drawing has no purpose or story. Nothing was planned out at all. I just felt like I NEED to draw so I just slapped some paint onto my canvas and see where that takes me.

Also sorry for the lack of art and me being inactive for a bit and replying to notes and comments slowly. Christmas was kind of depressing for me and I'm in another art rut. This also goes out to people commissioning me. I'm going to take a while with them. I am so sorry.


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art (C) to me, *Digimitsu
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December 31, 2012
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