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Vent Art 022414 by DigimitsuVent Art 022514 by DigimitsuCommission: WerewolfJak by DigimitsuMathias by DigimitsuCommission: River Monster by DigimitsuCommission: Splendorman for blackismycolor by Digimitsu

Shingeki no Kyojin: Eren Jaeger by DigimitsuThe Liang Family by DigimitsuArt Trade: Loraides by DigimitsuArt Trade: Masked Killer by DigimitsuArt Trade: Korath by DigimitsuCommission: phsyco2 by Digimitsu


Chinese Unicorn Qilin Character by DigimitsuJin Long the Qilin by DigimitsuArvie and Tay: A Monster's Atonement by DigimitsuJacques the pirate eel thing by DigimitsuTay 052514 by DigimitsuCreepy Splendorman 101513 by DigimitsuMr China Screenshot by DigimitsuMr China and Aiya: Merry Christmas by Digimitsu



Do you do requests?

No. c:

May I repost your art?


Do you RP?

Yes I do at times. But I'm quite picky with the RPs that I do. The plot and the other person's character(s) have to interest me. I also do not like people who give me short replies.

Can you draw for me so-and-so?

Yes most of the time, I can - but I require convincing of the monetary kind.

Art trades?

Read and follow as instructed:…

What tools/programs do you use?

Photoshop and sometimes SAI and Alchemy as well. And a Bamboo tablet. And a Cintiq Companion Hybrid. For traditional stuff, ballpoint pens mostly.

Can I draw your character(s)?

Yes you may of course! I love gift arts! The only condition is that you credit them back to me with a proper link. Of course, don't be stupid and draw hate art. Also do not try to pair my OCs up with yours without asking first.


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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art


My name is Digi. Thanks for dropping by my page! I appreciate every comment/fave/watch that I receive but most of the times I can be rather slow in replying because of a hectic life, so forgive me for that. But please don't be afraid to talk to me. :heart:

I am mainly a digital artist, though I do pen art at times. My styles are rather varying, it depends on what I feel like drawing. I can either do chaotic/messy or clean or even chibi/cute works. I can draw both humans and animals, including anthros/furries.

Misc Info:

Franchises that I like: Digimon, Tekken, Portal, Left 4 Dead, Silent Hill, Resident Evil, Soul Calibur, Borderlands, Don't Starve, Rise of Nations, Aliens, Predator

I like seals.



Anshelm and Admiral Alice by Digimitsu
Anshelm and Admiral Alice
Rufus the Android Pilot Sketch Page by Digimitsu   

I really like these two together asdfalkdfj They are such adorbs <D :heart: And I finally named the big guy. I actually finished this some days ago but got nervous putting it up for some reason lol. I'm just shy to post my old characters I made when I was young. Also I wanted to find a name for him before I do. Btw Alice is supposed to be shorter compared to Anshelm too, but I couldn't make her too short here or the picture would look really off. She should stand just at the base of his chest.


    These two, being Captain and Pilot of a large spaceship cruiser, work together a lot (as the same with other captains and pilots). That means they do bond a lot and Alice finds herself developing feelings for the android pilot. Now, Alice prides herself on being professional and upholds her status as Admiral. She refused to admit to having feelings for him and feeling rather stupid for having them in the first place. He was a machine and he could never reciprocate it. Fearing that these feelings would eventually caused her reputation to be ruined and be the laughing stock of people, she one day just decided to request for another pilot companion.

    Anshelm was confused at being sent away so suddenly, and never got the chance to ask Alice what happened, since Alice took off in her ship the next day and they usually fly for days. The common meeting ground for them is in the building after the ships docked.

    Skipper (Rufus' Captain and Alice's brother) knew what was going on because Alice had confessed to him about developing feelings for Anshelm. So he sat down with Anshelm and started teaching him more about human emotions. But it's not that Anshelm isn't capable of emotions. It's just harder for him to show it. And since Skipper knew what was going on, he went ahead and asked Anshelm how he felt about Alice. Asked him if he felt happy with her or feel the need to protect her even beyond the call of duty.

    Probably at one point Anshelm asked him about Alice's sudden act of casting him aside. In which Skipper replies with that Alice was probably just afraid. And Anshelm proceeded to ask if he was scary, but Skipper explained Alice's concerns about people finding out and laughing at her, and also that she thinks he can never return the feelings. She was a strong woman, but not without her insecurities as well.

    Anshelm did eventually went to find Alice again and immediately, the first words out of his mouth were simply, "I love you."

    Which caused Alice to freeze up. But she brushed it off and told him he shouldn't be here, and that he should be at his post. But he simply continued, telling her he wants to be with her and protect her. Being a robot, he's extremely blunt and straightforward, making Alice's face turn redder and redder. She ended up getting mad and thinking it was Skipper playing tricks on her by getting Anshelm to say all these. Alice went to confront Skipper about it and he told her about what went on with him and Anshelm. She broke down crying after finding out Anshelm had asked if he was scaring her. She apologised to him and eventually took Anshelm back on her ship, where they kept their relationship secret.


Also Anshelm wears white for more formal occasions or special events. Lolz. I hope to upload Rufus and Skipper some time.

Special thanks to VonderDevil for being someone I can discuss their stories and share ideas with uvu :heart: I love her input.

Anshelm and Alice, art © to me, Digimitsu 
I Want To See The Outside With You by Digimitsu
I Want To See The Outside With You
"Yo Ho Sebastian
Lets go far away
Somewhere, where the captain won't be mad
Yo Ho Sebastian
I wanna love you good
And we deserve much better than we've had

We deserve much better than we've had..."

The androids can't leave the ship or the building (after the ships docked) because they are the company's properties. I imagine when Christmas time comes around, the captains and everyone goes home to their families and these androids just remain behind.

One of Rufus' wishes is to see the outside world with his Captain, and feel the grass beneath his feet.


Lmao tried a different style of colouring. This picture radiates gay :heart: I really like it haha and I find them both sweet together. Rufus swings both ways really. Humans are just humans to him, just that some have different parts.

Rufus the Android Pilot Sketch Page by Digimitsu Anshelm and Admiral Alice by Digimitsu Opencanvas with Vonder: Robotttttssss by Digimitsu 

Skipper and Rufus © to me, Digimitsu 
Opencanvas with Vonder: Robotttttssss by Digimitsu
Opencanvas with Vonder: Robotttttssss
Opencanvas session with :iconvonderdevil: :heart:

Here we have my characters, Alice, Skipper, Rufus and Anshelm uvu They were so fun to draw ahahah :'D I hope to clean some of these up and colour them.

The androids can't leave the ship or the building (after the ships docked) because they are the company's properties. I imagine when Christmas time comes around, the captains and everyone goes home to their families and these androids just remain behind. One of Rufus' wishes is to see the outside world with his Captain, and feel the grass beneath his feet.

Alice cannot bring Anhelm home for the same reason, and also because her family would get mad at her for being with a robot. So she'd do those video calls thing to him and sing to him uvu :heart:

Alice, being Skipper's older sister, is worried about him being with Rufus. Rufus isn't safe and he gives an unnerving vibe to Alice even. But she tries not to show it. On the right side, you can see her confronting him x'D and he's being creepy.

Rufus the Android Pilot Sketch Page by Digimitsu Anshelm and Admiral Alice by Digimitsu 

Art © to VonderDevil and Digimitsu 
Alice, Skipper, Anhelm and Rufus © to me, Digimitsu 
Insane Wheatley and Rufus by Digimitsu
Insane Wheatley and Rufus
Lol my girlfriend suggested this to me and she even asked her friend, did-you-reboot, and everyone was like okay, so I did it for the lulz. :B

Cuz hey psycho androids.

It was a good time killer and a warm-up drawing before working on other things xD 

Insane Wheatley © did-you-reboot 
Rufus, Art © to me, Digimitsu 


OC: Theodore by DigimitsuTheodore by DigimitsuJiang Shi OC: Mr China - Reference Sheet by DigimitsuTay: Reference Sheet by DigimitsuHasen - Digimitsu by RotAngelCO: Hasen by TheTundraGhost



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